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July 13, 2009 - Autos

Robert Eckaus
Vaporware: 2500hp Mosler MT900 GTR XX Landshark

There is some internet buzz currently about what is supposed to be the worlds fastest car, a 2,500hp (not a typo) highly modified Mosler. And I stress highly. Unfortunately after reading the specifications, I realized this car is vaporware, an urban legend. I've seen the car itself in person a few weeks ago at the Palo Alto Concours D'elegance and it is stunning. I wish I had a chance to talk to the owner, Mr. John Gocha'. Had I known what was claimed, I would have waited for hours to do so. I'll do cartwheels while singing Usher and post it on YouTube if it is actually equipped as stated, let alone perform as suggested. Here are the specs. I tried to contact Mr. Gocha' for a statement based on my concerns but did not receive a response as of the date of publication.

First, what is a Mosler? A fantastic supercar in it's own right with racing pedigree. Note that the lightweight version weighs 1,980lbs and has a Chevrolet sourced Corvette Z-06 engine, 427 cubic inches called the LS7. A call to Mosler confirmed they have nothing to do with this project. Car and Driver tested a Mosler against some of the quickest production cars at Virginia International Raceway. It smoked them all, including the phenomenal Viper ACR.

Here are the unbelievable stats. Some are minor, some are incredulous.

381 cubic inches, 2,500 hp at 10,000 rpm. This is from a small-block motor that has been "stroked" or longer piston travel. Already stressed, with an extremely high redline for any pushrod motor. This engine can exist, but it only "lives" a quarter-mile at a time. A top speed run would be impossible before it grenades. The required cooling capacity for sustained running at 1000hp, let alone 2,500hp, is enormous. Those two big turbos and exhaust will create incredible heat levels coping with the claimed horsepower.

High-flow catalytic converters and mufflers. These restrictions would have to be removed for 2,500hp output capability. A minor point, granted.

Active suspension control implies the stock suspension has been re-done. The stock suspension was already a race-based double wishbone design with adjustable shocks. And then it states 3-way adjustable racing shocks in addition to the active suspension. So which is it, exactly?

Prototype 8-speed transmission with paddle shifters. First, there are no paddles shown in the photos. Second, retro-fitting a clutchless automated transmission that can withstand the supposed horsepower level is a huge endeavor worthy of a major manufacturer. And even then it would be a challenge. Bugatti's dual-clutch transmission is a 7speed design and it was a big challenge for "just" 1000hp.

Titanium/carbon fiber all wheel drive system. One of the biggies here. A mid-engine, rear wheel drive car has a redesigned powertrain that adds more components including a driveshaft and half-shafts to the front along with another differential. I don't buy it.

The aerodynamics are hardly changed to cope with the staggering requirements for cooling and air induction. The Bugatti has 10 radiators and makes 1,500 LESS horsepower. It is also all-wheel drive too. Supposedly there is a second fuel tank for methanol containing 10.5 gallons. May I ask where is all this hardware being packaged? This leads me to my next major point of contention.

It has a different chassis than the Mosler. Basically this car has been entirely redesigned inside the body. And the claimed weight is 1,709lbs without fuel. The lightweight Photon edition Mosler weighs 1,980 lbs without fuel. In other words, the carbon fiber chassis was ditched for a lighter one, big twin turbos were added along with associated plumbing and an all-wheel drive system. And it still lost 271 lbs. Impossible.. An open cockpit, minimalist, small-engined Formula One car weighs 1,333 lbs and has the most advanced materials available.

This vehicle has the most amazing specifications on paper one could imagine. Unfortunately I'm going to call this one as a fake. I don't doubt some or all of these separate components exist or are in development. However, I don't believe for a minute this vehicle is equipped as stated nor is it functional as such. The "hood" isn't open an any pictures and the steering wheel is a dead giveaway. This car is just hype and as they say on TV, this myth is busted.

More at cartruthblog.blogspot.com

Keywords: Mosler, MT900, GTR, Landshark, 8-speed, paddle, shifter, bugatti, Viper, ACR
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