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November 1, 2006 - Entertainment / Video Games

Amanda MacKay
Next Gen Consoles

Gamer geeks our time has finally come! Though the Xbox 360 has done an excellent job of keeping us busy for the last year, many consider the next generation of gaming to have just arrived. It’s going to be a gamer’s paradise this holiday season…what will be on your wish list? The darling of this next gen launch seems to be the Nintendo Wii for many gaming enthusiasts. Nintendo’s latest home console hits store shelves on November 19th for $249.99 and will include the very entertaining Wii sports collection (baseball, bowling, boxing, golf and tennis). Nintendo reminded us all that they’ve been innovating the gaming industry for years by keeping the focus on having fun with the Wii. The main attraction for most is the Wii remote and the Nunchuck controller that makes playing games more interactive than ever. Combine that with a new Zelda title available at launch (The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess), and you’ve got an unbeatable combination. Graphically the Wii doesn’t compare with the Playstation 3, but it’s easy to play and has tons of excitement for even the most casual gamer. It will be a perfect system for newbies. The highly anticipated Playstation 3 will arrive two days earlier on November 17th. Since we first saw the PS3, gaming fans have been stoked for its arrival, but at this year’s E3, our expectations were lowered just a bit, when we saw more realistic gameplay than previously shown. However a real backlash against the PS3 occurred when it was announced just how much cash we’ll have to shell out to own one. There will be two versions of Sony’s newest gaming console. While both offer Blu-ray technology, the 20GB version (MSRP $499) does not have the Wi-Fi support or the “next gen” HDMI output that the $599 60GB model does. My suggestion; spend the extra $100 bucks! It’ll totally be worth it and you’re already in pretty deep. While some might be bitching about the price, I still think a ton of us are going to stampede the stores to get our grubby hands on Sony’s beautiful new machine. At press time it was announced that due to Blu-Ray production problems, the launch shipments would be slashed by 75% from initial plans. With roughly only 400,000 units available for the North America launch (compared to one million for the Wii), we should see a frenzy of anxious gamers hoping to get lucky. I wonder how much they’ll go for on eBay when the initial supply dries up? Stop by the gametrailers.com forums and let me know what system you’re going to buy with your hard earned dollars.

Keywords: Gaming, Playstation, Wii, Video Games, Sony, Nintendo, console, next gen, Blu-Ray
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