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July 23, 2008 - Entertainment / Television

Adam Bernard
Candice Michelle

Some people view pro wrestling as big beefy guys tossing each other around in, and out of, a ring. Clearly these people need to get a good look at Candice Michelle, because she is most certainly not one of the guys. Candice is one of WWEís hottest Divas and in addition to her work in the ring, oftentimes in lingerie or a bikini, sheís been the one heating up the past two Super Bowls with her appearances in the GoDaddy.com ads. Recently Candice sat down with us at SOAK to discuss life as a Diva, what makes her the biggest flirt in WWE, and where else sheís used her wrestling moves outside of the ring.

SOAK: Candice, you have a great job, a job a lot of people would be envious of. What are some of the perks of being a WWE Diva?
Candice Michelle: I think the biggest perk is living my dream of being an entertainer and being a part of a series. Iíve always wanted to be a part of a series, but this takes it to the next level of traveling the world and seeing things that I never thought Iíd be seeing, and making a living at it at the same timeÖand being athletic, getting into the ring and just becoming a part of a whole Ďnother family.

SOAK: A lot of guys have visions of Divaís laughing and having pillow fights backstage, does this ever happen? How close are you with the other girls?
Candice: Actually Iím really close with a couple of the girls. I think it sounds a little bit more glamorous with all the pillow fights and all that kind of stuff, but you know, sometimes we might have a couple glasses of wine and a pillow fight might actually happen. Weíre so giddy and we have a good time. Our travel schedule is crazy, so by the time that we actually get settled in a hotel and have a drink, we just try to go with the flow and have fun.

SOAK: You work around a lot of muscular men, how many have hit on you? And please, feel free to name names!
Candice: Well, you know when you first come into the business, I think a lot of the single men hit on you, but once youíre there, itís kinda like youíre old news. Theyíve seen it all before. Weíre usually prancing around in a bikini or lingerie, they see it all the time, and weíve kind of become like sisters and brothers. Itís flattering at first and we always joke around backstage. I always say that Iím the biggest flirt, Iím a bigger flirt than the guys, and itís just to keep things fun. It keeps it lively and itís just a good time when weíre back there. Iím the biggest flirt of them all, so I kinda know how to handle it when somebody else is flirting with me, it doesnít offend me. I mean look at me, Iím putting on lingerie and getting half naked and Iím wrestling. I look at the guys, and theyíre half naked and theyíre wrestling. Youíve got to take it with a grain of salt; you canít act like, oh why is everybody is looking at me? Itís because youíre half naked, thatís why theyíre looking at you! I mean, I look at the other girls that are half naked. Iím in the locker room, somebodyís bending over and you just canít help it, itís just right there; itís in your face.

SOAK: But have you ever dropped something to make them bend over?
Candice: Oh yeah, usually Iíll do that purposely in the hallways, especially if one of the girls is wearing a skirt. Iíll actually drop something and I might fall on the floor, oops! Weíre totally joking around, but itís all in good humor and its good fun.

SOAK: Itís interesting that you say youíre one of the biggest flirts, because youíre married.
Candice: You know what, he is just one of the greatest guys with the best personality. He always keeps me number one and his confidence is likeÖheís just together. Like I said, Iím the biggest flirt, but thatís all I am. I never cheat, I would never go behind his back. He really honestly has nothing to worry about and he knows that, and heís confident in that, so I donít have to play all the childish games of, oh, where did you go and who did you talk to? Itís obvious that I work with a lot of men that are in their underwear most of the time, you canít have a jealous husband, otherwise, itís just never gonna work.

SOAK: And your husband is a chiropractor; how much has that helped with your rough and tumble job with the WWE?
Candice: I think itís fate that we got married, because Iíll tell you, between getting in the ring and learning how to wrestle and having permanent whiplash, and the flights from Europe or just from the East Coast back to LA, sometimes you donít get the best seats, and sometimes you just canít sleep on that plane. I think Iím gonna write a book, 101 Ways to Sleep on a Plane, I think Iíve got Ďem all down.

SOAK: Have you tried any wrestling moves in the bedroom?
Candice: Yeah, well usually I bodyslam somebody and then I put Ďem into a chokehold and I can do whatever I want. You know, yeah, sometimes itís fun to get a little feisty and a little bit playful in the bedroom. I like to be the dominant one sometimes, but you know then there are times that I like to be dominated, so I think itís nice that Iím athletic so I can keep up, and itís just a good time.

SOAK: What do you feel youíre more known for at this point, your work as a WWE Diva or being the GoDaddy.com girl?
Candice: I think that theyíve both been so great to me. I was just reminiscing when both of these jobs came to me, and I really got both of these in the same month. Iíve been with both companies for a year and a half, and both, in very different ways, have raised my career and my success level tremendously.

SOAK: Why did their Super Bowl ad have to be edited? What WERE you doing in it?
Candice: They always tell me to tone it down a little bit, but you know with all the acting classes that Iíve taken, Iíve always been told itís better to be told to take it down than to be told to bring it up, so I like to stay true to that philosophy and give something for every audience, or almost every audience out there anyways. You know, give something for the people on TV to watch thatís funny and hokey, and then thereís always an Internet version for the older crowds to check out.

SOAK: I hear those ads arenít your only connection to football. Youíre a football fan.
Candice: Totally! Iím from Wisconsin, so I grew up being a Packers fan and a cheesehead and a crazy nut, so thatís always been good for me.

SOAK: How intense do you get while watching the games?
Candice: Well, you know Iíve kind of lost it a little bit. Iíve been in LA for eight years and I donít really have my Packer crew with me anymore, and being on the road, I really donít have the time to really ever watch a game, because weíre usually having our own shows on Sundays and Mondays.

SOAK: Well you are a busy woman. In addition to everything else, I noticed a few movies on your resume. Is this something youíre looking to continue with?
Candice: Absolutely. I think that my ultimate goal is to do movies and be a part of feature films and itís really a dream for me.

SOAK: Thatís it? My dream is world domination.
Candice: Well, I know I think if you work hard at anything, you can make anything happen, so if you keep your mind to it you might get it.

SOAK: What would the perfect role for Candice Michelle be?
Candice: I think the perfect role for me is a very dramatic role, something that most of America is not used to seeing me as. They havenít really seen that side of me, playing more of a Charlize Theron or Halle Berry type of role like Monsterís Ball, those types of movies where you have this beautiful woman, but youíre taking her and youíre really making her a character. Thatís really what I want to show, what I really have to offer is really my dramatic skills.

SOAK: You know what I think would be great for you, playing the love interest of a tortured writer.
Candice: [laughs] Well you know that weíll have to do a lot of rehearsing for that, so if you find that tortured writer just let him know thereís a lot of work in it.

SOAK: I hear heís open to it. And he speaks in the third person all of a sudden.
Candice: Really? This guyís talented. Iím totally up for this gig.

SOAK: Who would play opposite you in your dream role?
Candice: There are a few people it could be; somebody like George Clooney or Samuel L. Jackson.

SOAK: Youíre going for the older men.
Candice: Yeah, I like very intense older men. To have an acting role with somebody like that would be great. Itís like everybody wants the people youíd guess and Iím not your normal Brad Pitt kinda girl. Although I gotta tell you it would be great to co-star with Brad Pitt.

Keywords: Candice, Michelle, Playboy, WWE, Diva, GoDaddy, Wrestlemania
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