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September 8, 2008 - Entertainment / Television

Randy J Klodz

Sascha knopf
Rebecca Marshall
Oh Canada!

Photography by Sascha Knopf

You may have seen Canadian model and aspiring actress Rebecca Marshall in TVís Shark or Threshold, and now you can see her on the pages of SOAK.

Rebecca phoned SOAK from Los Angeles just after returning from getting her ride fixed. She chatted about what itís like to get hit on while being pulled over by the cops, the (mis?)conceptions Americans have about Canadians, and how to break into show business as a stripper named Candy Cane.

Read on, eh?

SOAK: You said you had to get your car fixed. What happened?
Rebecca Marshall: I got pulled over last night and I found out my brake light was out, and I figured I needed to take it in and get it taken care of immediately. Itís funny, because he didnít give me a ticket. I didnít know my brake light was out and he pulled me overóI just got my license for the first time like nine months ago, so I have never really drivenóand Iím thinking, ĎWhy is this guy pulling me over? I donít think I did anything.í And he came up and heís like, ĎYou know, do you realize your brake light is out?í And I had no idea and he probably thought I was totally lying. Then he shows me and it was hilarious because he asked me for my phone number. [laughs] And, jokingly I was like, ĎI donít think youíre allowed to ask me for my phone number.í

SOAK: Wow. With a badge, heís quite brave.
Rebecca: It was quite the experience, so I was like, ĎOK, I need to get this fixed because I donít want to get pulled over again.í At first I was shocked he asked me for my number, and then I started laughing. And then he said, ĎWell, once in a while you have to take a shot.í It was funny. Maybe some people would take offense to it, but I was cracking up. And he let me go.

SOAK: So he didnít pull the, ĎWell, since I canít have your number, Iím going to write you a ticketí game?
Rebecca: He said he wouldnít write me a ticket, but he said that if I didnít get it fixed, and he pulled me over again, that Iíd have to give him my phone number. So then I ran and got it fixed.

SOAK: You were in Toronto recently, what kind of cool things did you get to do there?
Rebecca: I went to visit family. I havenít been home in a while and my sister got married. It was a blast. I got to see family and friends, but I have to say that I have been spoiled by the California weather. Iím a Canadian girl, but I was freezing there and it wasnít even that cold. Itís funny because people here make fun of me because I wear turtlenecks in California and theyíre like, ĎArenít you Canadian?í [laughs] I guess you never get used to the cold no matter how long you live in it.

SOAK: What kind of misconceptions do Americans have about Canadians?
Rebecca: Wow, thatís actually a funny question. We donít all curl. I have never seen a curling match. I have never been to one. [laughs] I donít even know the rules of the game, but people ask me all the time, ĎOh, do you do curling?í and Iím like, ĎNo, I donít even know what curling is.í Oh, and I donít personally, but we do say, Ďeh.í So that is true.

Rebecca: It is true unfortunately. When I first moved here, I said, ĎI donít say, Ďeh,íí but when I came back home, I realized, ĎWow, we are Canadian. We do say Ďeh.íí Oh, and weíre also not all alcoholics.

SOAK: What about the obsession with hockey?
Rebecca: That is true. Iím a huge Maple Leafs fan. I actually went to a game when I went back home. Hockey is a big thing. Huge.

SOAK: And you have the fun various pronunciations of the words Ďaboutí and Ďout.í
Rebecca: Yep. I knocked that out the first week I moved to Los Angeles. I was up for a role in a TV series, and when I was talking with the casting director, I couldnít get rid of the Ďoh-tí instead of Ďout.í I didnít think I was saying anything wrong. ĎOh, youíre Canadian,í she said. She was sympathetic to my needs. I didnít go to a voice coach, but I just knocked it out myself. When I went home for a couple weeks, it started to slip out. I started saying Ďsoar-yí instead of Ďsorry.í But now that Iím back here in my element, I slipped out of the Canadian accent.

SOAK: So SkyDome, the home of your Toronto Blue Jays is now technically called Rogers Centre? Whatís up with that?
Rebecca: Yes, thatís funny you mentioned that; I wasnít aware until I went home. I was driving and saw it on a sign. And itís easy to get tickets because itís so big. They canít fill it up.

SOAK: And despite the name change, Iím sure everybody still calls it SkyDome anyway, right?
Rebecca: Yeah. And Iím sure that bugs him, because Iím sure he paid millions to have his name being said, but itís not happening.

SOAK: Doing a Google search on your name can result in receiving hits for many other people with your name.
Rebecca: Yep. Thereís a photographer, which is not me. Thereís a producer, which is also not me. I have been modeling and acting since I was 15. I did a lot of modeling in Toronto and then I had my own travel show in Toronto for a year-and-a-half. And then I transferred out to Los Angeles and I have been acting in television since I have been here.

SOAK: That sounds exciting, what was your first role?
Rebecca: My first role was ďThresholdĒ where I played a stripper named Candy Cane. [laughs] So we all start somewhere. It was great calling home with that one.

SOAK: I can imagine the call now, ĎHi Mom, Iím a stripper named Candy Cane.í
Rebecca: [laughs] Yeah, so it was a pretty good role. And then from there I went to ďThe West WingĒ and I just did ďSharkĒ with James Woods.

SOAK: Whatís James Woods like? He seems like such a badass.
Rebecca: Heís amazing. Heís a pure character. Besides entertaining me while shooting, I learned a lot. Heís a fabulous actor. It was great energy being on the set of a new show and everyone was so pumped-up and ready to work and have fun. It was probably the best experience I have ever had working on a television series.

SOAK: What was your role on that show?
Rebecca: I played a character named Lisa Gable who was a witness to her friendís murder. So I cover up for the guy whoís responsible for the murder. I was about to testify, but they throw rats in my car and...it was a fun character and it was good. Basically I cover up and I was too scared to speak up and that was it.

SOAK: You didnít want the Canadian voice to come out if you spoke up? Iím just kidding.
Rebecca: [laughs]

SOAK: Youíre a busy girl. Whatís next on your plate?
Rebecca: Might take a little trip to Thailand and I plan to do some modeling here and there, and I want to get ready for January which is pilot season and thatís just it, really.

SOAK: Other than when youíre getting pulled over by cops who ask for your number, what types of things do you like to do in your free time?
Rebecca: I love to play tennis. Iím crazy running around in LA with auditioning and stuff like that, but when I get spare time, Iím the type of girl who goes to the movies. I like to hang out with my solid group of girlfriends, and I pretty much spend my evenings with them. During the day, I like to play tennis or go hikingóanything that keeps me outdoors. Iím so used to being indoors from when I lived in Toronto, and now that Iím now out here, itís so great to do pretty much anything outdoors all year round.

SOAK: Thatís good you can get out.
Rebecca: When you first get to LA, you think itís all city. But itís really not; itís just a drive to Santa Barbara. Things I thought about doing when I was a little girl, like going to the ocean. We donít have an ocean in Toronto, so I tried surfing. I wasnít a big success, but you just try things. I try not to get caught up with running around doing all of my stuff, but sometimes I have to stop and take a minute and go and do the things I want to do. Otherwise, you donít enjoy why youíre in California.

SOAK: And you canít get much surfing experience in Toronto.
Rebecca: No. So when you come out here, itís so exciting to have all of these opportunities. Itís like Iím on vacation. So to have the option to go down to the beach, itís good. You can find these types of places in LA that arenít so crazy and chaotic and you can just relax. And if you want the chaos, itís here. You have to learn to separate yourself from the chaos or youíll go crazy. You lose your mind and you lose touch with whatís going on, and meet people that lose touch with reality. Thatís why they call it La-La land.

Keywords: Rebecca, Marshall, television, Threshold, Shark, Big Shots, CSI, model, brunette
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