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September 22, 2008 - Entertainment / Music

Adam Bernard
Ice Cube - Still Real

Photography by Eric Williams

The Hip-Hop Generation. Itís the label thatís been affixed to everyone who has grown up involved in hip-hop in any way, shape or form. According to Ice Cube, however, itís a tag that was created with the intent to debase. ďThatís a dismissive kind of label,Ē he says with aggravation, ďitís damn near like calling us rednecks in our own way. If they act crazy donít worry about it, theyíre part of the Hip-Hop Generation. If something happens that you donít understand, donít worry about, theyíre part of the Hip-Hop Generation. You know, ainít nuttin wrong with you, itís something wrong with them.Ē

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Keywords: Ice Cube, artist, rapper, actor, movies, hip-hop, music, album, rap
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