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January 12, 2009 - Entertainment / Movies

Steve Chen
Mike Vallely

Mike Vallely is one of the world's best professional skateboarders. He's been featured in Tony Hawk's popular video game series, on stage singing with his band, Revolution Mother and Black Flag, and now he's set to make his big screen debut in Paul Blart: Mall Cop. We st with Mike and got the scoop on working with Kevin James, Black Flag, and that famous Youtube video: Mike fighting four guys at the same time.

SOAK: In Paul Blart: Mall Cop, tell us about the character you play?
Mike Vallely: I play Rudolph, the baddest of the bad guys. When all else fails our leader Veck, played by Keir O'Donnell, sends me out into the mall to put an end to the mall cop situation.

SOAK: Kevin James, good guy or primadonna?
Mike: Definitely a good guy. From day one - and I worked on the entire production, two months straight - he was always accessible, always open to ideas and opinions, and he always treated the cast and crew and the very real shoppers in the mall that we filmed in great. I don't think anyone could walk away from working with Kevin with anything bad to say. Hanging with him made me an even bigger fan then I already was.

SOAK: Any upcoming projects you want your fans to know about?
Mike: After Mall Cop hits I'm going to be busy working on a new Revolution Mother record which we hope to have out in late spring, from there we hit the road and hit it hard.

SOAK: Thereís a famous video of you beating down four guys at the same time, whatís the story behind that?
Mike: Four drunk idiots running their mouths and at the wrong guy. I had no idea it was being videotaped. For me, it was just another night at the office.

SOAK: Tell us about Revolution Mother.
Mike: Revolution Mother is a heavy, pissed off rock and roll band. I do the yelling and screaming.

SOAK: We hear that youíre a pretzel connoisseur and your favorite is Bachmannís Butter Twists. Whatís the deal with that?
Mike: I grew up with those pretzels in New Jersey. Can't get them in California, I mail order them.

SOAK: We know you were a Vegan for over 10 years and then went back to meat. Whatís up with that?
Mike: I got hungry.

SOAK: What was it like singing with Black Flag?
Mike: Definitely one of the cooler things I've done especially considering Black Flag is the first band I ever saw play live back in 1984, and that night was pretty much the beginning of the rest of my life. To be able to be a guest vocalist with the band nearly twenty years later and to sing on material that mattered to me and made a difference in my life - pretty heavy stuff.

SOAK: How come you went from being the bald guy to growing so much hair?
Mike: I got tired of being the bald guy.

SOAK: What would be your dream project to work on?
Mike: A Western.

Check out Mike's website at mikevallely.com

Keywords: Mike, Vallely, skateboard, skateboarder, Paul Blart, Mall Cop, Revolution Mother, Black Flag, Kevin James, New Jersey
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