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May 3, 2010 - Entertainment / Video Games

Mike H Shields
The Wii

Why has it taken me this long to write a review of a toy we got for Christmas? I've been busy. Playing Mario Kart. It would seem our house has been taken over by it. We no longer watch any network shows or any of the movies in our vast tape library. Because Mario Kart needs to be played.

Ok, that's an exaggeration to prove a point. Is this a review of a console? I don't know. Is this a warning to parents? Probably not, as the other parent in the house is responsible for Santa Claus delivering this present to the family. And she plays Mario Kart just as much as the kids do, while I slave away at the computer, eeking out a meager living telling you about it.

Of course we have rules, no Wii before homework is done, and we try not to use it after 8pm on weekdays, so that I might get to see one or two of my favorite shows -- but the rest of the time, it's the entertainment o' choice in the household. I guess I'm rambling on about Mario Kart simply because they're playing it to the exclusion of all else. The Wii comes with Wii Sports, and for a while, this was enough. I even got pretty good at golf and bowling, to the point where I realized that they aren't the real thing and I adjusted my game accordingly.

My downfall began when my son purchased not Mario Kart, but Super Mario Bros. At this point, I should've seen the hand writing on the wall, not to be confused with the handwriting on the wall. More hours were being devoted to playing video games than any other activity we used to do as a family. And I wasn't any good at this game, so, I lost interest.

Then I believe it was my daughter that shelled out the money for Mario Kart, and that's when ruination set in. Only because, as mentioned in this case, it's not like real driving. Otherwise, I'd be killer on the various courses, as neither of my children have driver's licenses. Yet. I hope this doesn't teach them bad habits….

So it is my goal with this article, post, review, whatever you want to call it, to explain the wonders and the dangers of the Wii, in hopes that you’ll either buy or avoid one for yourself.

While at the same time, earn enough money with it to buy a game that I’ll like :) Something in the first person shooter arena. I hear that there’s something coming from the guys at Activision. Of course, I might have to buy a new console for that.

Of course, had we waited, we could’ve had this:

G4 - Nintendo Reveals Black Wii

72 and sunny in Redondo Beach.

Adjust your expectations accordingly.

Keywords: Nintendo, Wii, video games, console, Mario, Kart, gaming
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