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July 23, 2008 - Sports

Randy J Klodz
Anastasia Ashley
Surfís Up for This Aquatic Beauty

Few 19-year-olds can climb the ranks of professional surfing and still have time to shop! But Anastasia Ashley found time for SOAK as she sauntered through clothing stores, surely spotting posters of herself along the way. SOAK hangs ten with Ashley as she dishes on her intimidation of the boys, her way-cool swag, and what itís like to beÖthe next (gasp!) Pamela?

Surfís up! Eat your heart out Keanu Reevesóand Patrick Swayze.

SOAK: Whatís it like going to stores and seeing products in which you have an endorsement dealÖlike Oakley?
Anastasia: Itís cool. Itís even cooler if itís me in the ads in the stores. Itís good to see.

SOAK: Whatís your average day like?
Anastasia: Right now, I usually get up in the morning, probably around 8 or 9. Then I usually check my email and I check the waves online, too. Then Iíll go down to the beach, and then I either go surfing if there are waves, or go work out at the gym. Then Iíll come back and check email againÖI have a phone that checks email [laughs] so Iím constantly checking my email. And then I go out with my friends that night.

SOAK: That sounds like a pretty cool life.
Anastasia: Yeah. Pretty mellow. A lot of times, too, I go and talk to my sponsors in meetings.

SOAK: As far as training for surfing, people probably think you just go out and surf. What kind of things do you have to do physically to stay in surfing shape?
Anastasia: I usually do the majority of my training before my contests.

SOAK: Do you have to take on a wacky diet?
Anastasia: I just try to eat as healthy as I can. No special or weird soft-food diet or something like that. [laughs]

SOAK: Youíre starting to build a name for yourself at such a young age. Whatís it like to now be an emerging blip on the celebrity radar?
Anastasia: Itís cool. It definitely has its perks. Obviously, Iíve gotten free stuff for like ten years of my life. Now Iím starting to get really cool free stuff like designer clothes, and shoes, and a lot of stuff thatís not related to surfing. Itís cool. A lot of people respect me and the stuff that I do.

SOAK: You have a lot of younger people, including non-surfers, who look up to you as a role model.
Anastasia: I definitely want to be a role model. There definitely needs to be more positive role models, instead of somebody who is a bad role model that young people shouldnít look up to.

SOAK: Whenever you do get spare time, what type of things do you like to do?
Anastasia: I like hanging out with my friends. I like to go shopping, go to the movies, just do normal stuff, go to the beach, hang out with my boyfriend. Pretty much anything a normal 19-year-old girl would like to do.

SOAK: Is it hard to now be a typical 19-year-old? Do people stop and talk to you all the time?
Anastasia: A lot of times I get recognized in beach towns, but itís been more recently that I get recognized in regular places like the mall and stuff like that. Overall, Iíve been very normal and I donít think of myself as better than anyone or anything, by any sense. Itís not hard for me to say that Iím a 19-year-old girl.

SOAK: Thatís great that youíve been able to have a great time, achieve at a high level in your sport, and still have time to be normal.
Anastasia: Yeah. I mean, before Iíve had people say negative things to me before, but for the most part, itís mostly positive.

SOAK: They have jealousy issues?
Anastasia: Yeah. I just think a lot of people might be jealous or they might have their opinions of me.

SOAK: That has to be a bit of a downer.
Anastasia: There are so many people who are positive to me so it doesnít matter.

SOAK: Youíve been nominated as one of PETAís ďWorldís Sexiest Vegetarians.Ē This might be something that puts you into the limelight as a sex icon. Whatís that like?
Anastasia: Itís really flattering. I donít necessarily think of myself as a sexual icon by any means, but I think itís cool. Pamela Anderson has also been nominated and sheís a very pretty womanóone of the most famous in the world. And itís really cool.

SOAK: You mentioned you have a boyfriend; do you still get approached by guys a lot when you go out?
Anastasia: I donít really go out as much as I used to, so I donít really get approached. Iím usually with my boyfriend when I go out, so I donít think people are really going [laughs] to come up to me when I have a man next to me.

SOAK: Do guy and girl surfers try to pick each other up with pick-up lines that involve wetsuits?
Anastasia: No. [laughs] The year before, I never would really get approached by guys in the water, because I think a lot of guys were kind of scared by me when I was surfing. I never had been approached like that.

SOAK: Why do you think they were scared of you?
Anastasia: I donít know. I think they might have seen me surf. A lot of times, girls who arenít that good at surfingótheyíre not that aggressive and Iím very aggressive when I surf. Iím not just sitting there letting them take all my waves. And if I take their waves they get mad. So after all that, theyíre probably not going to want to try to pick me up.

SOAK: Is there a friendly competition between male and female surfers?
Anastasia: Sometimes. I used to when I was younger. When I see guys, like my friends out surfing, I definitely try to kind of compete with them. Like, try to do the best turn or try to do an air or something. Itís not like weíre out there seriously competing, itís like fun and games. I donít know if most people out there compete with guys and girls. I think itís more of a guy thing.

Keywords: Anastasia, Ashley, surfing, extreme sports, PETA
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