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 Column: Autos
Jan 20, 2017 - Autos
Hot Import Nights, 20th Anniversary

San Diego, California
Author: Mike H Shields
Keywords: hin, hot import nights, import, cars, models, auto, racer, drift
Oct 19, 2013 - Autos
Hot Import Nights, Fontana California

Author: Mike H Shields
Keywords: hin, hot import nights, import, cars, models, auto, racer, drift
Jun 21, 2010 - Autos
2010 Audi S4: Undisclosed Extra Horsepower?

Author: Robert Eckaus
Keywords: Audi, RS4, Porsche, panamera, DCT, transmission, car, sedan, S4
Jun 8, 2010 - Autos
Ford GT500 - Now It's Truly Legit

Author: Robert Eckaus
Keywords: Ford, Shelby, GT500, Chevrolet, Camaro, SS, Z28, aluminum
Jan 18, 2010 - Autos
Audi A5 Quattro coupe review and test drive - sublime perfection

Author: Robert Eckaus
Keywords: Audi, A5, S5, Cadillac, CTS, CTS-V, BMW, M3, Volkswagen, Passat, 1.8, turbo
Nov 30, 2009 - Autos
Tesla Roadster Sport - Driving Impression

Author: Robert Eckaus
Keywords: Tesla, Roadster, Sport, Very, Orange, Carbon, Fiber, Mustang, Cobra, Lotus, Elise, Elon, Musk
Nov 5, 2009 - Autos
Design flaw in the new McLaren MP4-12C?

Author: Robert Eckaus
Keywords: McLaren, MP4-12C, BMW, Porsche, Limited, Slip, Differential, Lamborghini, 458, GT2, Lexus, LFA, LP560, Chrysler, SRT8, Italia
Oct 5, 2009 - Autos
The Ride Of Your Life at Laguna Seca

Author: Robert Eckaus
Keywords: Laguna, Seca, NASCAR, Ferrari, Nissan, 430, Scuderia, GT-R, Porsche, GT3, Cup, Car, Ford, Thunderbird, Bristol, Pocono
Sep 16, 2009 - Autos
Tramontana: The street-legal Formula 1 car from Spain!

Author: Robert Eckaus
Keywords: Tramontana, McLaren, F1, Ariel, Atom, R, Edition, SL65, Black, Series, Bugatti, Veyron, Saleen, S7, Monterey
Sep 6, 2009 - Autos
Safety idea for cars including fast ones!

Author: Robert Eckaus
Keywords: Cold, tires, TPMS, tire, Goodyear, MotoGP, laguna, seca, viper, enthusiast, spin, spinning
Aug 9, 2009 - Autos
Interview with a Race Car Driver

Author: Robert Eckaus
Keywords: Brandon, Aleckson, funds, dad, go-kart, Formula, SCCA, Open-Wheel, Racer, Trinity, Champion
Jul 28, 2009 - Autos
Ferrari F430, Audi R8, Porsche Cayman S: Part 3 of 3

Author: Robert Eckaus
Keywords: Ferrari, F430, Audi, R8, Porsche, Cayman, S, LP560, Gallardo, GT3, RS
Jul 22, 2009 - Autos
Driving the Aston Martin, Ferrari F355 & Lotus Elise: Part 2 of 3

Author: Robert Eckaus
Keywords: Club, Sportiva, Ferrari, F355, Aston, Martin, DB9, Lotus, Elise
Jul 21, 2009 - Autos
Club Sportiva - An Exotic Car driving experience: Part 1 of 3

Author: Robert Eckaus
Keywords: Club, Sportiva, Autosport, Ferrari, F430, F355, Aston, Martin, DB9, Audi, R8, Lotus, Elise, Lamborghini, Gallardo, Porsche, Cayman
Jul 13, 2009 - Autos
Vaporware: 2500hp Mosler MT900 GTR XX Landshark

Author: Robert Eckaus
Keywords: Mosler, MT900, GTR, Landshark, 8-speed, paddle, shifter, bugatti, Viper, ACR
Jul 10, 2009 - Autos
Viper stays, but what now?

Author: Robert Eckaus
Keywords: Dodge, Viper, Corvette, ZR1, Porsche, Colin, Chapman, Lotus, ACR, Lamborghini, Murcielago
Jul 4, 2009 - Autos
The Proper Comparison of Pony Cars

Author: Robert Eckaus
Keywords: Ford, Mustang, Shelby, GT500, GT, Chevy, Chevrolet, Camaro, SS, Dodge, Challenger, SRT8, R/T
Jun 9, 2009 - Autos
Porsches don't show well - a 911 Twin Turbo review

Author: Robert Eckaus
Keywords: Porsche, 997, Turbo, lamborghini, ferrari, alcantara, ceramic, brake, harley, davidson, 911
May 26, 2009 - Autos
The Autotragic Camaro SS

Author: Robert Eckaus
Keywords: chevy, camaro, ss, pontiac, G8, GXP, Mercedes, SL65, black, series, toyota, supra, corvette, l99, ls3, autotragic, slushbox
May 17, 2009 - Autos
NO to 200mph on the shore. Alameda mile proposal denied.

Author: Robert Eckaus
Keywords: bugatti, targa, alameda, point, ranger, pinks, dodge, challenger, mythbusters, laguan, seca, sears, thunderhill, racing, matrix, reloaded, veyron
May 11, 2009 - Autos
Axe the CTS Coupe, GM

Author: Robert Eckaus
Keywords: Cadillac, CTS, Chevy, Corvette, Dodge, Challenger, BMW, M3, M6, V, Ford, Mustang, GT500, Camaro, GM, Audi, S5, Viper, V8, sport coupe, racing, sedan
Apr 22, 2009 - Autos
Air Conditioned race cars - where is the coverage and carry over?

Author: Robert Eckaus
Keywords: LeMans, IMSA, racing, American, Porsche, air conditioning, Wayland Joe, cool suit, Prius, Tesla, compressor, cockpit
Sep 30, 2008 - Autos
Lotus Track Day

Author: Brice Aaron Cooper
Keywords: convertible, sports car, 2 seat, Toyota, Exige, horsepower, Lotus, Elise, roadster
Sep 21, 2008 - Autos
Mercedes SLK350

The little brother of the SL and SLR sheds its “cute” image
Author: David Chen
Keywords: Mercedes, SLK, roadster, convertible, car, 2 seat, V-6
Jul 23, 2008 - Autos

500 horsepower Mustang draws on Ford’s heritage, spirit of innovation and performance.
Author: Wayland Joe
Keywords: Mustang, GT 500, Ford, horsepower, V-8, Shelby, sports car
Nov 1, 2006 - Autos
Cadillac Escalade

Author: Wayland Joe
Keywords: Cadillac, Escalade, SUV, luxury, truck
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