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41 years old
City: Dover
State: OH
Country: US

14 pictures

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    My soakmag.com address:

     Height: 5'7"
     Weight: 110
     Measurements:   34/24/34
     Hair Color: Red
     Hair Length: Slightly past shoulders
     Eye Color: Green
     Experience: Very experienced

     Details and Interests
     What I do: I am a full time model and als
     Status: Single
     Orientation: Straight
     Sign: Taurus
     My Interests: music, dancing, outdoor activities, car shows, archery, fishing, trucks, barrel racing my horses. I really like traveling and helping companies utilize models to create brand awareness and buzz.
     Magazines: cosmopolitan, allure, horse and rider, jane, glamour, playboy, maxim
     Music: rap, hip hop, R&B, and country
     Movies: sixteen candles, pretty in pink, the breakfast club, the lost boys, Any Rocky movie is two thumbs up for me, very inspiring
     Television: nip/tuck, entourage, the sopranos, that 70's show.. Alot of Animal Planet and Judge Judy of course..
     Books: anything thats nonfiction. I never read fiction


    Heather E Pariso

    Userid: PARISO
    Website: www.myspace.com/hpariso

     My Blog 
    July 7, 2008 -   GESH, okay so I really should have posted something between 10 months ago and now, buuutttt you know how life goes, I get home from work and the thought of typing just kinda passes me by as the couch looks way more tempting. Well, to bring everyone up to    Read more...
    Nov 18, 2007 -   Hi everyone,, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.. I will be celebrating it and cooking it here in Ohio.. 5AM and a turkey to wrestle with.. LOL    Read more...
    Read my blogs...

     About me 

    I'm a very upbeat happy person. I think that if you want something bad enough, you'll work to get it, I really do. I'm very much a listener for my friends, I think it's good karma and everyone needs a shoulder to lean on sometimes.

    When I'm not traveling, I'm home with the horses since I barrel race and have some other show horses. I also judge in the summer months which is my fav, to bad I can't make a living doing that. I also like to hop on my 4-wheeler and take a spin, it's way fun getting muddy!

    My geeky side would be that I love flowers. I actually show them at the county fair, and work at my friends greenhouse in April, May, and June. It's so much fun to me and very relaxing.



    2000 Playboy, April, editorial Spring Break section,(no nudity)
    2002 One Model Place, client commercial image, IN
    2002 Hot Bike, Bike Week Coverage, November
    2004 AbGone Feature Model in ad, various publications
    2004 NitroForce Ad Campaign, various publications
    2004 Autumn edition Teeze Magazine, featured model
    2005 Supreme Magazine, Florida based magazine
    2005 Abdominal Equipment model, commercial shoot, OH
    2005 Biketoberfest Attractions guide cover shot, FL
    2005 In Touch Magazine, Ab product
    2005 Us magazine promotional advertisement for weight loss product
    2005 Bonita Magazine, August Issue
    2005 Top Pairs Magazine, September Issue, ad for BM Wear
    2005 IZM Magazine, month undetermined
    2005 E Girl News Magazine, July/Aug issue
    2005 Playboy Sexy Girls Next Door, Special Edition October, 6 page spread
    2005 E Girl News Magazine, September issue
    2006 Playboy Vixens Feb/Mar issue
    2006 Top Pair Poker Magazine, April/May issue
    2006 E Girls, March issue, model spotlight
    2006 June Truckin Magazine
    2006 September E Girls News Magazine
    2006 Red Skye comics, character, Rose Red
    2007 Feb issue E Girls News magazine
    2007 Naked Paper Magazine, March issue
    2007 E Girls News Magazine, MySpace issuem, April

    2000 Girls of Cleveland
    2000 Girls of Fantasy
    2000 Hit The Beach
    2003 WONE Women That Rock, May
    2004 Me You See Real
    2004 HornDog State University
    2004 Webgirls
    2004 Ms Bikini
    2004 CafePress
    2005 CafePress
    2006 Cincy A list
    2207 Cincy A list

    Pageants and Competitions
    2000 National Bikini Contest 2nd Runner Up
    2001 National Bikini Contest, 3rd Runner Up
    2002 Stardom Nightclub, 1st runner-up, OH
    1992-2003 Miss Hawaiian Tropic Finalist Runner Up
    2004 5 Swimsuit competitions won in Daytona Beach during Spring Break
    2004 4th in Ohio state Hawaiian Tropic finals
    2005 Miss Bike Week, FL
    2007 Miss Main Street, FL (yeah I came outta retirement for one more)

    1999 Cache Christmas Show, the Limited Co. Columbus OH
    2004 2005 Columbus Fashion Show, Columbus OH, Nu Source clothing co.
    2005 Paws for a Cause Humane Society Runway Show

    2001 MediCap Pharmacy
    2003 E! Television, feature for Sleek Online
    2004 E! Television, feature for Wild On Spring Break
    2004 LasVegas Extreme Video footage
    2005 “As Fast as She Can” PG rated movie, attorney role
    2005 “Spa City” mini-series, primary role, 4 episode
    2005 Friday night Channel 52 Horror Movie classics, Co-host 6 episodes
    2006 AB Gone TV commercial for national release
    2006 Bud Light commercial to run throughout winter 2006
    2006 Channel 3 News Cleveland, special interview feature on Playboy/celebrity, OH
    2006 Exercise Video, demo model for Rayhan Jalollie and David Derth, OH
    2006 Spooky Movie TV Show Co-host, 8 episodes
    2006 Sports Time Ohio , AMA live coverage co-host
    2006 ExTreme Team stunt model for Vintage Bike Rally at Mid-Ohio
    2006 Caprice, film trailer actress for investors, August OH
    2006 Naturally Thin commercial
    2006 Spooky Movie Marathon, co-host, 2 spots, Channel 29, OH
    2007 Wide World of Sports, aired in January
    2007 Playboy Girls of Golf interview at finals
    2007 Cathouse TV Show, interview in LA

    2000 Las Vegas Convention Center for AI Convention January
    2003 Scorchers Golf Outing June
    2003 Poison Concert promotion May
    2003 Cinco de Mayo promotion-Corona May
    2003 Canton Civic Center Ring Card Girl July
    2003 Wing Warehouse Live Promo July
    2003 The Level promotion for HDSU
    2003 Cherokee Hills Golf Outing
    2003 Stoli Vodka Holiday Promotion, Cleveland
    2004 600 North Miller Lite promotion
    2004 Captain Morgan, Cleveland OH
    2004 Fabolous Concert, Promo girl, FL
    2004 Vanilla Ice Concert, Promo girl, FL
    2004 Digital Underground Concert, onstage promo, FL
    2005 Bike Week, Daytona Beach FL
    2005 Spring Break promotions, Radisson, FL
    2005 Guitar Center Grand Opening, Boardman OH
    2005 US Smokeless Tobacco, Columbus Anger Management Concert Tour
    2005 US Smokeless Tobacco, Toby Keith concert
    2005 Game Manufacturer’s Convention, Columbus, Lonestar Poker
    2005 US Smokeless Tobacco, James Taylor concert, OH
    2005 US Smokeless Tobacco, Hank Williams Jr. concert, OH
    2005 US Smokeless Tobacco, Alan Jackson concert, OH
    2005 Nextrade company convention, Chicago
    2005 US Smokeless Tobacco, Brooks and Dunn concert, OH
    2005 US Smokeless Tobacco, QH Congress and PBR challenger, OH
    2005 Colonial Fitness Sports and Courts, Playboy signing, OH
    2005 In The Click OMP based seminar, co-host, guest speaker, OH
    2006 CES Convention Las Vegas for KNG America, booth attendant
    2006 Cleveland Motorcycle Show, Progressive Insurance spokesmodel, OH
    2006 Cincinnati Motorcycle Industry Tradeshow, Tucker Rocky Apparel, model OH
    2006 UFC Canton Civic Center championship, Playboy appearance, OH
    2006 Biker's Atlas Daytona Bike Week, Playboy Appearance, OH
    2006 Daytona Bike Week Full Moon Saloon, FL
    2006 Daytona Spring Break MC , FL
    2006 Ken Fishcer Seminar, model host, OH
    2006 Model sponsor for the Sports Critic, merchandise hand out
    2006 Dove Promotion OH, management
    2006 Suave Promotion OH, management
    2006 Nivea Promotion OH, management
    2006 Rite Aid grand opening, management
    2006 In The Click, co -host, speaker for OMP, OH 3 events
    2006 Jamboree in the Hills, Copenhagen girl, model sampler, OH
    2006 Dove Cool Moisture product sampling, 6 locations, OH
    2006 Axe Clix product sampling, manager, 4 locations, OH
    2006 Stride Gum product sampling, manager and samper, 12 locations OH
    2006 Motorcycle Junk AMA partner, model, Mid Ohio July , OH
    2006 Discovery Health Channel, Hall of Fame Week event, sampler, OH
    2006 CamoSkins.com, Deerasic event, spokesmodel,Cambridge OH
    2006 Plumberex, Famous Supply Cleveland Tradeshow, OH
    2006 Playboy Golf Outing, organizer, OH
    2006 Hawaiian Punch/Egg Beaters , OH
    2006 Tylenol, OH
    2006 Go Fast Energy Drink, OH
    2006 Management, Cirque Show, Montego Bay
    2006 Bank Arena, cincy a list promotion
    2007 Vonage, CES convention, Las Vegas
    2007 Power Show, UST
    2007 Cincy A List, Feb 2nd bank arena
    2007 V Twin Expo, Blue Job, appearance, Feb
    2007 Dealer Expo Baron Customs, Feb
    2007 Daytona Bike Week, Baron Customs, March
    2007 Playboy, GOG finals, March
    2007 Arnold Classic, Optimum Nutrition, March
    2007 Bong Vodka, FL, March


    2004 Set Apart Biker Clothing
    2005 BM Swimwear
    2006 Stylin Concepts, OH truck acces
    2006 BM Swimwear
    2007 Stylin Concepts, OH

    2004 Blossom Music Center, Kid Rock

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    Richard w. Hovey
    Clinton Embry
    Jim Whitters
    michael tibbetts
    Jimmy Freaking Skybiz
    B H

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    Chester Victor
    June 12, 2008
    Dont forget to stop by next month!!

    Thanks for all the support,
    Alfred / LIVEclothing
    Feb 28, 2008
    Hey hows it going Gorgeous cruise by our page and check out all the new stuff out.

    Eric Schissel
    Jan 16, 2008
    Hope you've had a wonderful start to the year!!
    Donald Ray Jewell
    Jan 9, 2008
    Love your pics and your a very beautiful Lady!!
    Michael G.
    Sept 3, 2007
    May 27, 2007
    Michael G.
    May 26, 2007
    a m s
    May 9, 2007
    i just stop by to say hi
    and how are you my friend
    and have a awesome week and you weekend to coming up
    Makeup Artist Brittany Schneider
    May 1, 2007
    Thanks for the friend request! Hope to work with you this year!
    Alfred / LIVEclothing
    Apr 26, 2007
    John S
    Apr 24, 2007
    Looks like you have some fun photo shoots! I like, I like!
    gf dga
    Apr 24, 2007
    Hey sugar! Thanks for the add! You're so sexy and have so much experience. How did you get started? I'm new to the game...
    Santiago Photography
    Apr 16, 2007

    Love the new pix beautiful!

    Keep in touch!
    Carl Nielsen
    Apr 13, 2007
    Thanks for the add Heather. I've been a fan for a long time. Love ya.
    Kerry E Lewis
    Apr 12, 2007
    Hey Heather, I like the new March 2007 shot , the like a guess jeans ad. Great !!!!!!!!
    jeff michael bliss
    Apr 11, 2007
    congratulations; hopefully you will treat us to new pics in the near future!
    Stephanie Eve Larimore
    Apr 11, 2007
    Congratulations on winning model of the month! You are beautiful! I love your red hair! How was the PB golf finals in LA? I have done several golf outings with Ajay and absolutely love him!
    Best of luck with your modeling career!
    Je C
    Apr 11, 2007
    You are awesome hun...great inspiration!
    Jeff D Zumbrun
    Apr 10, 2007
    Congrat on the model of the month. No one deserves it more hun.
    Gary Geick
    Apr 10, 2007
    Being a long time friend of HP I can say she's one of the best person i know, keep up the good work.
    Carl Nielsen
    Apr 10, 2007
    looking fabulous as ever. you just keep getting better.
    Deaih Lynn Felver
    Apr 4, 2007
    hooka a sister up wit the Playboy thing. That's a huge dream of mine!! Your a very sexy mama!!!
    a m s
    Apr 1, 2007
    hi heather
    i just stop by towish you a good week and a happy april fool day to
    Gene Van Dyne
    Mar 28, 2007
    Hiya just stopping by to say wut up? Anyways have a great night. Keep these pics coming they are stunning.
    Marcel Dion
    Mar 27, 2007
    Hi Heather,
    It's good to hear you had so much fun down there in Florida.The sunshine sounds great.We could use alot of that here right now.I'm into warm weather as well.Well, you take it easy.
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